About the True Price Coalition

The True Price Coalition is an expanding group of farmers, producers, processors, wholesalers, shops, cafes, restaurants, and supermarkets active in multiple sectors and industries that believe in the potential of true pricing to contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable economy and want to apply it in practice. The True Price Coalition aims to offer as many products with True Price as possible through a growing network of points of sale, both offline and online.


Benefits of joining the True Price Coalition

Joining the True Price Coalition has the following benefits:




  • Inspiration for vision, strategy and communication via newsletter and events
  • Contribute to the development of the True Price Standard
  • Have the opportunity to be part of True Price pilots and sector initiatives
  • Appearance as part of great movement, implementation of True Price coalition membership in offline and online communication



  • Permission to use the name of the organization as a member
  • Embracing process from the True Price method
  • A contact person at True Price for related questions
  • For participation in projects, a (voluntary) (in-kind) contribution and incidental support can be asked in advance

Get in touch

To explore membership, get in touch with us via info@trueprice.org.



The True Price Manifesto

True Price Coalition Members subscribe to the True Price Manifesto:



True Price Manifesto >>

We believe that true pricing is a bedrock of a sustainable and inclusive economy. For this reason, we have developed the True Price Manifesto to outline the philosophy behind the true price vision.