True Price Standard development & maintainance

 We undertake the following activities:


Standard Development

We develop the principles and norms and calculation standard for the true pricing method.


Standard Councils

We maintain a network of academicians and stakeholders that reviews the True Price method, in collaboration with Impact Economy Foundation.


Food Public Private Partnership

In collaboration with Wageningen University, Bionext, Rabobank, ABN AMRO and topsectoren Agri-food and Horticulture we run a multi-year program to harmonize and standardize the method to calculate true prices in the food sector.

Principles for True Pricing >>

This consultation draft contains the Principles for true pricing as envisioned by the True Price Foundation. The principles contain the beliefs, values and framework we endorse to realise the true price vision, defining in practical terms what true pricing means and setting forth the basis of an applicable method for determining true prices. In addition, we provide a preliminary list of impacts in scope for true pricing.

Monetisation Factors for True Pricing>>

This document provides the first open access version of the monetisation factors developed by True Price, with the aim to facilitate the adoption and application of true pricing, fill a gap in the literature and accelerate standardisation. It provides monetisation factors for 10 environmental and 10 social true price impacts and their footprint indicators and sub-indicators, along with an explanation of the interpretation and sources.