Building a Global Movement for True Pricing

The True Price Foundation has the goal to create a critical mass of consumers, businesses, civil society organisations and governments pursuing True Pricing.


Consumers >>

Understand True Pricing: people should understand the definition and concept of a True Price and True prices, calculation methods, examples of True Prices of key products and raw materials, understand the open source True Price Standard development process, know the organization True Price, understand key organizations working on this, given the global movement for True prices, asked to be involved in the True price lobby and advocacy agenda.

Buy True Pricing: in particular consumers are helped to understand what they can do to improve the True Price. In addition, they have the opportunity to pay the True Price for specific externalities, such as climate change and poverty.


Companies >>

Adopt True Pricing: True Price has several existing solutions for strategy, purchasing, CSR policy and marketing and communication (an overview can be provided separately). The solutions are still insufficiently known and accessible for the largest group of SMEs. The True Price Foundation will display good examples of True Pricing by companies and make application of True Pricing accessible.


Civil Society >>

Demand True Pricing: True Prices are rooted in Human Rights. Civil Society Organization play a critical role in the consdtuctive dialogue and dissent to stimulate True Pricing. 

Civil Society organizations can support the True Price Coalition.


Governments >>

Create a level True Priced playing field: Governments have critical role to create a level playing field for marketplayers based on the True Price of goods. Governments should stimulate the voluntary adoption of True Pricing and integrate True Pricing into their policies.

Governments can support the True Price Coalition.