We have published the following documents:



True Price Manifesto >>

We believe that true pricing is a bedrock of a sustainable and inclusive economy. For this reason, we have developed the True Price Manifesto to outline the philosophy behind the true price vision.




Principles for True Pricing>>

This consultation draft contains the Principles for True Pricing as envisioned by the True Price Foundation. The principles contain the beliefs, norms, and values we endorse to realise the true price vision, defining in practical terms what true pricing means, and setting forth the basis of an applicable method for determining true prices.




Monetisation Factors for True Pricing>>

This document provides the first open access version of the monetisation factors developed by True Price, with the aim to facilitate the adoption and application of true pricing, fill a gap in the literature, and accelerate standardisation.




A roadmap for true pricing>>

This vision paper proposes a roadmap to realize a sustainable economy with true pricing at its core.